Make Compliance Projects a breeze with the
Hermes Network

With the seemingly endless amounts of compliance audits, becoming compliant can be stressful. The list of requirements can seem endless and confusing. 

The Hermes Network can help streamline the process by offering world-class network security and generating evidence. Whether you want to pass the SOC2, HIPAA, HiTRUST, PCI DSS or any other compliance audit, the Hermes Network can help you out.  


Strengthen your infrastructure

Discover weaknesses in your IT infrastructure and implement changes that will help prevent cyber attacks.

Catch up with the times

Identify outdated technologies and practices. Update them for improved security, efficiency and profit.

Increase efficiency

Understand how your resources are being used and how they can be used more efficiently.

Increase profits

Increase profits by identifying potential savings, reallocating resources and making investments in the future.