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Hermes Network SD-WAN

What is SD-WAN?

Traditional WANs routed all traffic to a central HQ where any rules would be applied before being forwarded to their destination. This works fine for most uses, but traffic destined for the cloud for services like Amazon Web Services, Salesforce and other SaaS services are better off if they are just send straight to the internet. With the rise of the cloud, the loss in productivity due to traditional WANs really shows.  

SD-WAN solves this problem by allowing you to set the rules for network traffic. Once you set your preferences, they will be distributed to your WAN and traffic will not need to be rerouted to your central HQ anymore. In addition to solving this problem, SD-WAN can do many other things, such as ensuring your mission critical applications run flawlessly, allowing you to use multiple connections between branches, and much more at a fraction of the cost of traditional WAN solutions.

The Hermes Network SD-WAN

Products to meet your
business needs


Zero Touch Provisioning

Need to add a new branch? Just order one of our SD-WAN edge devices, plug it in and we'll take care of the rest.

Full Network Visibility

See what goes on in your network with our all-in-one dashboard.

Next-gen Firewall and SIEM

Our built-in application-aware firewall and security information/event manager will let you secure your network and handle vulnerabilities accordingly.

Cloud VPN

Securely connect your branches and remote users together with just a few clicks of your mouse

Packet Remediation

Ensure flawless performance for mission critical applications

Dynamic Path Selection

Our solution sends your network traffic on the most efficient routes

Superior Compatibility

Our SDWAN is compatible with MPLS COS networks and across many modern devices

Bandwidth Aggregation

Make the most of your bandwidth and give mission critical applications priority

VNF Onboarding

Get more out of your edge device with user-friendly virtual network function setup